Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all US-based companies (henceforth ‘Company’)
that are in a business relation with Andersson Copra Handmade based in 41729
Gothenburg, Sweden (henceforth ‘Andersson & Copra’).

Please place all orders in our online B2B portal axc-wholesale.com. Alternatively, you
can send your order to [email protected].

Minimum order value is $500. Payment with credit card (Visa, Master Card & American Express, no surcharge fee) or PayPal (no surcharge fee). Invoices are sent via email. All
accounts must provide an AP contact & email address.

We do not have the capacity to keep track of backorders. Orders are shipped via carrier of
our choice. We usually ship smaller shipments via UPS or DHL. We do not offer a free freight program based on volume.

Andersson & Copra reserves the right to bill for any expenses related to orders re-routed due to
cancellations or inaccurate shipping information. Special packaging or non-standard
shipment preparation is subject to additional fees. Andersson & Copra reserves the right to refuse any order or close an account, for any reason. All dealers must abide by Andersson & Copra’s MAP Policy (see below). Chargebacks will not be accepted by Andersson & Copra unless agreed to in advance, in writing.

Shortage or damage claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of goods. Dealers must
inform Andersson & Copra of all company alias names.

No sales on any third-party web sites (Amazon, eBay, Jet, Walmart, etc.) unless pre-approved.
All accounts must have retail store fronts or an on-line site approved by Andersson & Copra.

Andersson & Copra does not offer regional/territory protection.

Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) Policy: Andersson & Copra maintains a MAP policy to preserve pricing integrity. Andersson & Copra prohibits dealers from advertising prices below MAP. No MAP holidays. For the purposes of this policy, advertising is defined as mailings, catalogs, web sites and all
other forms of media including, without limitation, the internet and any electronic media. This
also includes advertisements pertaining to any savings, rebate, bundle or any other form of
discount at time of purchase. The current year MAP price is listed on Andersson & Copra order forms. Andersson & Copra will notify dealers if they are found to be in violation of this policy. Dealers will be given two days to correct the violation(s). If not corrected, Andersson & Copra reserves the right to discontinue shipments to the dealer. If more than one violation occurs in a 12-month period, Andersson & Copra reserves the right to terminate the dealer’s account.

Unless Andersson & Copra consents in writing to the selection of an alternative forum, if there is a
disagreement or dispute of any kind between or among Andersson & Copra and Company, Andersson & Copra’s place of business, the Kingdom of Sweden, shall be the sole place of arbitration and jurisdiction for all disagreements or disputes. In any event however, Andersson & Copra is entitled to appeal to the court which has jurisdiction over the area where Company’s place of business is located.

Further, Company hereby accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions set out in Andersson & Copra’s Terms, Conditions and MAP Policy, as periodically amended and made available upon

Gothenburg, Sweden
April 2023

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